I want to make sure I’m clear due to aspects of UK law which relate to online influencing. I don’t have a bazillion followers (yet!) but it’s important to have everything properly explained, for every single person who is reading my blog!

My blog is 100% editorial content. I don’t do any paid-for collaborations, and I don’t feature any products or links that I don’t believe to be honest and simply of highest benefit to fellow crafters.
I don’t feature paid-for advertising on my site.

I do sometimes receive payment for craft projects, particularly ones that I’ve made for magazine commissions, which I then might chose to showcase in blog post(s) here. This is with permission of the magazine publishers and after any appropriate time period of exclusivity has passed. I’ll always mention if a project is one that I was asked to make as part of a magazine feature. Any such blog posts are totally of my own choice and wording, and the publisher(s) have no prior sight of these.

I also occasionally receive payment for running workshops and demonstrations, such as in local craft shops – again, I may share projects from those demos here.
At this time, crafting definitely isn’t my full-time job so any monetary payments are only a small ‘add on’ to help support my crafting habit. (Should I say, addiction?!)
These paid-for projects are by far in the minority.

By far the vast proportion of craft products I use in my projects and that you see on my blog (and social media channels) are purchased by me.
As for gifted items… I have in the past, and still do, receive gifted items from companies. These are free products supplied to me as a Design Team member. Currently I am on the Design Team for Angela Poole, so any Angela Poole products you see me using will have been supplied for free. I’ll always be sure to highlight this in any relevant posts.
If I receive any other gifted products (not by Angela Poole), be assured I’ll let you know, as and when.
Legal guidelines say it’s important I make sure you can identify posts using gifted products easily and quickly.

Any and all opinions are purely my own, and I never use any product that I don’t genuinely like, and believe to be of good quality and hopefully value for money, too. I believe it is a matter of bad integrity to use (and thus, recommend) items that other crafters won’t enjoy, or worse, would waste their money on.
Just as I won’t recommend tips or techniques that aren’t helpful, I don’t believe in featuring products that aren’t helpful, or more importantly, fun to use.
I never, ever intend to mislead – I just want you to enjoy crafting as much as I do 😉

Click to find out more about the ASA and CAP guidelines on affiliate marketing and online influencing.

Updated: 26 Feb 2019.